Susi Whittaker

Susi Whittaker PainterSusi is a self taught artist and inspired by colour, humour and the sense that you can draw or paint anything you wish to.

As she says, I have recently changed to very abstract artwork, which took me 3 years of thought and then a sudden eureka moment. I hung my first piece and sold it the same day. It was both fabulous and scary at the same time !

As an artist, Susi’s humorous animal paintings have always appealed to collectors, particularly her various “Ewe” subjects, which have even been secretly incorporated in her new abstract work….if you can find them ?

Susi is a well known artist in Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire as well as a regular exhibitor at Contemporary Art Fairs, such as at Reading and Windsor. She now owns her own galleries and resides in Cornwall.