Interest Free Finance

Interest Free FinanceFinance is provided by Hitachi Capital – a leading provider of consumer finance – and is subject to a credit check as part of a short application process.

This can be carried out with you in our gallery or alternatively you can complete the application yourself online.

Just call 01841 532 043 or Contact Us by Email with your requirements – the amount for finance,the deposit and period of repayments – and we will email you a link to apply for finance online. Please note that this option is not available through check out in the shop.

The principle features are ;

  • 0% APR which means there’s no interest to pay
  • Equal monthly repayments
  • You can settle your agreement at any time
  • Minimum purchase of £ 400
  • Repayment periods of 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 or 24 months
  • Apply in a gallery or online
  • An initial deposit payment of £ 50 or 10 %

Painting Cost of £ 495
Deposit of £ 51 ( paid by cash or credit card )
Leaves £ 444 balance to repay on interest free finance
which could be £ 37.00 over 12 months or £ 18.50 over 24 months

Ask about our finance option to help you spread the payment of your art while enjoying them in your home.

Payment Plan

Payment PlanIf you prefer a more informal arrangement then a Payment Plan may suit you.

This is an agreement between us for you to pay in instalments and for us to retain the art work in safe keeping until it is paid in full.

Just call 01841 532 043 or Contact Us by Email to discuss your requirements.

The principle features are ; 

  • The purchase price is fixed and there is no interest to pay
  • You decide the amount and timing of the payments
  • You can pay off the outstanding balance at any time
  • Minimum purchase of £ 400
  • Payment periods upto 12 months
  • Apply in a gallery or by email
  • An initial payment of 10 %
  • All payments are non refundable
  • The sculpture is retained by us until full payment has been made

Sculpture Cost of £ 495
Deposit of £ 50 ( paid by cash or credit card )
Leaves £ 445 balance to repay on a variable basis as and when you wish which could be £ 45 for 5 months, £ 0 for 2 months, £ 100 for 1 month and £ 30 for 4 months

Just let us know the amount of the deposit and the payment period you prefer and we can set up an agreement with you. Call 01841 532 043 or Contact Us by Email

Ask about our payment plan to help you pay for your sculpture in advance over time and to receive it when the payments are completed.